hoffman estates surgery center door imageAbout Us

Hoffman Estates Surgery Center is specifically designed to be comfortable, convenient and an excellent alternative to hospital-based surgery.

With more than 11 years of experience delivering surgical care to our community, we continually offer patients the benefits of advanced technology, outstanding clinical talent, compassionate patient care and superior patient satisfaction.

What Makes Us Great?

  • Patient satisfaction higher than 98%
  • Infection rate less than 0.1%
  • Up to 50% less expensive than the local hospitals
  • A less stressful, patient-friendly environment
  • We take great pride in caring for our patients

Our Patients Love Us

“All medical personnel were kind and compassionate! Everyone was helpful explaining the procedure. PS the warm blankets were great!”

“I was very nervous when I arrived. However, everyone I was in contact with was friendly and professional. Excellent group of professionals.”

“Everyone was very nice, polite and extremely helpful. If you could have a more pleasant experience, I’d like to know where! This facility is great and so are the staff and doctors who work here, thank you for everything”

“High levels of care performed by entire staff with patient care as their top priority.”

“I have been to this facility several times and I have never had a problem. Everything was terrific.”

“Everyone was very professional at their job! Very good experience.”

Our Providers

Our physicians and surgeons come from several leading group practices throughout the area.

Medical Director
Mark Anthony Rosanova, M.D.
from www.eyeillinois.com

Kirk R. Clark, MDSuburban Ear, Nose & Throat
Robert Deitch, MD *Illinois Sinus Center
Victor Mokarry, MD *Northwest ENT
Brandon Musgrave, MDIllinois Sinus Center
Marci J. Pugnale, MDSuburban Ear, Nose & Throat
Maria L. Wittkopf, MDSuburban Ear, Nose & Throat

* Indicates HESC Investor

Asad Aziz, DO *Dupage Medical Group
Sheena Patel Cooke, MDDupage Medical Group
Mark Dubin, MD *Dupage Medical Group
Naser Khan, MD *Dupage Medical Group
Deepak Khurana, MD *Specialists in Gastroenterology
Brian J. Muska, MD *Dupage Medical Group
Bradley D. Shapiro, MD *Dupage Medical Group
Richard S. Song, MD *Dupage Medical Group
George Zahrebelski, MD *Digestive Disorder

* Indicates HESC Investor

Steven M. Cohen, MD *Clinical Associates Medical Services
Stephen Grabowski, MD *DuPage Medical Group
Peter Rantis, MDSuburban Surgical Care Specialists

* Indicates HESC Investor

Randall C. Kahan, MD *WomanCare
Susan Orhan, MDElite Women's Care
Patrick E. Pozzi, MD *Personal Women's Health Care
Erwin Szela, MD *Women's Health First

* Indicates HESC Investor

Naveed Z. Ansari, MD *Suburban Associates in Ophthalmology
Mark Cabin, MD *Dr. Mark Cabin Comprehensive Eye Care
Robert Cinefro, MDAdvanced Eye Care Associates
Kimberlee Curnyn, MD *Suburban Associates in Ophthalmology
Robert J. Mack, MD *Mack Eye Center
Parag A. Majmudar, MD *Chicago Cornea Consultants
John Michon MD *Midwest Eye Consultants
Gregory A. Nelson, MD *Suburban Associates in Ophthalmology
Mildred M.G. Olivier, MD *Midwest Glaucoma Center
Mark J. Piotrowski, MD *Suburban Associates in Ophthalmology
Saba Quraishi, MDThe Vision Institute of Illinois
Mark Rosanova, MD *Advanced Eye Care Associates
Maria E. Rosselson, MD *Chicago Cornea Consultants
Noel D. Saks, MD *Eyeplastics
Lena Shah, MD *Suburban Associates in Opthomology
Kevin L. Sullivan, MDSullivan Ostoich Eye Center

* Indicates HESC Investor

Hasham M. Alvi, MDBarrington Orthopedics
Matthew A. Bernstein, MD *Barrington Orthopedics
Ciro Cirrincione, MD *Barrington Orthopedics
Michael J. Grear, MDDuPage Medical Group
Sean E. Jereb, MD *Barrington Orthopedics
Keith Komnick, MD *The Center for Sports Orthopedics
Sheryl Lipnick, DOThe Center for Sports Orthopedics
Thomas S. Obermeyer, MD *Barrington Orthopedics
Sanjay Patari, MD *The Center for Sports Orthopedics
Jason L. Rotstein, MD *Barrington Orthopedics
Keith E. Schroeder, MD *Barrington Orthopedics
Theodore Suchy, DOThe Center for Sports Orthopedics
Mark A. Yaffe, MD *Barrington Orthopedics

* Indicates HESC Investor

Brooke A. Belcher, MD *Barrington Orthopedics
Anubhav P. Jagadish, MDBarrington Orthopedics
Jeff Jagmin, MD *Medical Center Anesthesia, Ltd.
Abraham Mathew, MD *Medical Center Anesthesia, Ltd.
David L. Tashima, MDBarrington Orthopedics

* Indicates HESC Investor

Steven T. Adelstein, DPM *Northwest Suburban Foot and Ankle Clinic
Brian Dunn, DPMBartlett Foot Center
Adam D. Goldkind, DPMNorthwest Suburban Foot and Ankle Clinic
Syed Asif Hussain, DPMNorthwest Suburban Foot and Ankle Clinic
Lynette M. Mahoney, DPMBarrington Orthopedics
Raymond T. O'Hara, DPM *Barrington Orthopedics
Narendra R. Patel, DPM *Barrington Orthopedics
Mark Sack, DPMBartlett Foot Center
Myron I. Wolf, DPM *Wolf Podiatry

* Indicates HESC Investor

Thomas Cottrell, MDDupage Medical Group
Bruce Lindgren, MD *Lurie Childrens Hospital of Chicago
Randall F. Randazzo, MDWoodfield Urology

* Indicates HESC Investor