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All of our patients are treated with respect, consideration, courtesy, compassion and dignity.
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Preparing for surgery and Pre-admission testing
If you and your surgeon have elected surgery, as a treatment option, your surgeonxs office will schedule your surgical procedure at HESC for you. Your physician will also inform you if any pre-admission testing is required, prior to your scheduled surgery. These tests may include X-rays, EKG or laboratory studies. It is your responsibility to have these tests completed three to seven days prior to surgery.
Prior to your surgical date
Members of the Hoffman Estates Surgery Center professional staff will contact you to conduct a personal pre-operative health assessment, to obtain your medical history and inform you of any co-insurance or deductibles due at the time of service. Your arrival time is only given the day prior to your scheduled surgery, as the schedule is subject to change. Our staff members will take the time to answer your questions to ensure your expectations are met.
The day before surgery
One of our staff members will call you to review your pre-operative instructions and to confirm your arrival time at the surgery center. Remember: no food or liquids after midnight, unless instructed otherwise.
Your surgical day
It is very important that you follow the pre-operative instructions whether you are being admitted for surgery in the morning or afternoon. Failure to do so could cause your surgery to be delayed or cancelled. If the HESC pre-operative nurses instructed you to take any morning medications, do so with a small sip of water.
  • Complete List Of Medications
  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Any Required Co-Insurance or Deductible
  • A Responsible Adult To Accompany You And Drive You Home
Facility fees and insurance coverage
This facility's fees cover the use of the facility only. The facility fees do not include the anesthesiologist or surgeons fees and any laboratory or pathology fees, if ordered. You will be billed separately for these fees by those practitioners. HESC is in-network with Medicare, BCBS, AARP, Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna and most other insurance companies. We encourage you to contact your insurance company directly to ensure coverage.
  • Be prepared to pay any co-insurance/deductible amounts on the day of your surgery.
  • Patients who do not have insurance coverage are also required to pay their charges in advance or on the day of surgery.
  • As a courtesy, we will bill your primary and secondary insurance carriers or governmental agency directly for the facility's charges.
  • Hoffman Estates Surgery Center accepts cash, cashier's checks, Visa/MasterCard, Discover, CareCredit and personal checks with a valid I.D.
HESC offers a financing plan called CareCredit. If financing is your preferred option, call CareCredit before your day of surgery at 800-365-8290 or go to www.carecredit.com.
For more in-depth information on Hoffman Estates Surgery Centers Financial Policies, please see the Financial Information section on this webpage.
Complimentary valet service
Please use the complimentary valet service located at the St. Alexius Outpatient Bettendorf Pavilion. We strongly recommend taking advantage of this service so that when your procedure is finished, the valet staff can bring your car to our covered, private discharge exit.
Our location
The Valet staff will direct you to enter The Doctorxs Building III. Take the elevator to the Lower Level. When you exit out of the elevator, Turn Right and walk through the double doors into our suite.
One of the benefits of outpatient surgery is you return home the same day of your procedure. This way, your recovery continues in the comfort of your own home. Upon discharge, we will provide written instructions for your recovery. A nurse will telephone you to monitor your progress. If you have any questions, our nurses are available Monday through Friday during business hours. You may always contact your on-call physician.
We encourage you to complete one of our patient satisfaction surveys. Your feedback is very important to us.