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Laser Cataract Certified Physicians
One of the most significant and amazing developments in cataract surgery has been the introduction of the laser cataract procedure. The LenSx® Laser signifies a bold leap forward in cataract surgery by bringing image-guided computer precision to refractive cataract surgeons. Bladeless laser surgery restores vision lost to cataracts, without the complications of traditional cataract surgery, and achieves highly accurate and predictable results.

For most people after age 40, presbyopia makes life without reading glasses or bifocals impossible. If you have presbyopia and have been told that you need cataract surgery, revolutionary replacement lens technology may turn your dream of less dependence on corrective eyewear into a reality. Our doctors are on the cutting-edge of cataract surgery with the introduction of new, multi-focal lens implants. Implanted during cataract surgery, these lenses allow the majority of patients to see near, far and in-between without glasses!
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